Creating an Illustration is one of the most difficult tasks in designing. It can be for your book, website or any personal use. It requires someone to truly visualize your idea and replicate your thinking into a stunning visual. Gloria offers effective illustration services empowered by a host of creative and trusted illustrators to create exceptional illustrations as per your requirements.

Photoshop Editing

How often have you uploaded a low resolution and unedited photographs on your website, social media and marketing collateral. Well, you might still get away in the digital medium. But when it comes to printing the material, you actually require high resolution, good quality edited photographs to create an impact through your photographs. Gloria is the one stop destination for all your photo editing needs.

Cartoons & Caricature

Ever thought how will your own cartoon character or caricature look like? Well, stop thinking and check the amazing stuff you can do by creating your own cartoon character. It is an innovative way to attract more visitors on your social media profile and increase traction. Gloria can create cartoon characters as per client’s requirements and initiate a buzz on their social media circuit.

Vector Design & Tracing

Before you start creating any image, it is necessary to create a vector image. Gloria is capable of creating any kind of vector in order to craft stunning images. We can also create vector image of any kind of existing image.

Logo Design

A Logo is the face of your company. It is very important to register a logo that is unique, enticing and actually represents the vision of your company. Our team have many ideas and avenues to create one, it is indeed a daunting task to finalize on one effective logo.  Gloria offer exceptional logo designing services that will replicate your vision and idea into one ideal and innovative logo and will define the true essence of your company.


With our variety of designs and styles, Gloria can create any invitation cards for any occasions.

Presentation & Infographics

One of the most important tool to convey your offerings / idea / thoughts is through a presentation. Whether it is a presentation of your company, or developing infographics for social media platforms, Gloria is the ideal destination for your requirements. We are experts in crafting spectacular presentations and infographics which will excite and wow your audience .

Book Covers & Packaging

After finalizing your book, the next important step is designing its cover page. Though it is a cliché that “Never judge a book by it cover”, it doesn’t stand true if you have opt for a really boring and unattractive cover page. Getting the right audience attracted to your book requires getting the right cover page. Gloria Team thoroughly understands the importance of creating fabulous Cover Page with right packaging to offer you the best Book Cover designing and packaging services to match the content of your book.

Business Cards & Stationary

Business is all about networking. It is Business 101 rule that one cannot attend a business meeting without a business card. Also, when a company intends to operate professionally, it is very important to develop and design a professional stationary pack that will cater to all your stationary requirements of company. It includes business cards, company letter head, envelopes, files and folders, shopping bags etc. We can help you create all of the that with your company name that will help your business effectively.

Flyers & Posters

Business needs a structured boost from time to time. Marketing is not just about selling a product. It requires more efforts and time through systematic planning and initiatives. When launching a new product, it is very important convey details regarding your company’s products and services to the right set of clients. Flyers and posters are an excellent way of reaching out to the target customers. Whether you require a digital flyer and poster or you want to distribute it to your audience, Gloria Team can create effective flyers and poster that will strive a chord with your potential customers.

Banner Ads

Whether it your Facebook Cover Page or a banner for a promotion, designing Banner ad is very important to entice the right set of audience to your page. Catchy taglines / headlines coupled with spectacular design are the essentials of a good Banner Ad. Gloria is specialized in creating Banner Ad for any platform, event or occasion.

Mobile Web Design

Web Designing has evolved tremendously in the past few years. From a simple and static to dynamic and SEO optimized website, the web development process has becomes technologically advanced by leaps and bounds. This is the age of responsiveness, where every website is optimized to web, mobiles and tab platforms. Our team is capable of developing stunning websites as per your requirements, taste, preference and be able to access, maintain, and modified  it in just a touch of your finger tips anywhere and anytime.

We’ve uploaded our created graphics & design in our portfolio. Our Portfolio displays latest and old projects we’ve made. Feel free to leave a comment.

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